19 Herbs for an Amazing Healing Bath

19 Herbs for an Amazing Healing Bath

Herbs are not just good for eating, but they can also be used in your bath for amazing healing properties. When doing an herbal bath, it's important to choose the right one. While some herbs just give off a nice aroma, others have amazing healing benefits and can be very therapeutic.

Chamomile: Relieves pain. Relieves pain from insect bites. It's safe enough for children and pets. Helps with adult acne. Calms skin irritations. Eases pains such as cramps.

Lavender Blossoms: Reduces stress, helps in reducing inflammation and helps soothe dry skin. Can also help heal wounds and prevent infections.

Dandelion flower: Renews your skin in the winter, protects against sun UV damage, and rich in antioxidants.

Eucalyptus: Helps you breathe, and anti-inflammatory,

Ginger: Enhances blood flow, anti-inflammatory, heals acne, detox the body, reduces body odor, and relieves colds.

Hops: Helps you sleep.

Peppermint: Cleanses the skin, clears sinuses, and elevates mood.

Basil: Helps decrease inflammation, helps clear up acne-prone skin, heals dry skin, help fight boils, clears skin infections, relieve itchy skin, and calming.

Jasmine: Enhances mood, rejuvenate skin, and reduce appearance of stretch marks.

Linden flowers: Relaxing, and gets rid of cold.

Calendula flowers: Repairs skin cells, while soothing it and anti-inflammatory.

Meadowsweet: Relieves sore muscles.

Mint: Heals skin, soothes skin from poison ivy, and repels mosquitoes.

Orange blossoms: Lower blood pressure, tones and softens skin, soothes sunburns and promotes sleep.

Lemon Balm: Calming, helps you sleep, and softens the skin.

Parsley: Heals bruises, boost circulation, helps fade skin spots, gets rid of acne and blackheads.

Rose petals: Relaxes the body, while refreshing the skin and relieving inflammation.

Rosemary: Relaxing, boost circulation, heals wounds and bruises, pain relief, and antibacterial.

Sage: Relieves sore muscles, antioxidants that help reverse aging, antibacterial to fight skin infections, and helps to eliminate body odor.

Warning: Always consult your doctor before taking an herbal bath, especially if you have low blood pressure or heart failure.

  • Hang Around The World

    Thanks for these tips! I should integrate some herbs into my food routine. What I’d really like to try are the rose petals, looks good for the stress 🙂 – A.

  • Lees Garcia

    Omg this makes me want to take an herb bath. I count a lot on teas before bed time and every one you’ve noted here I have found helpful to my health and wellness.

  • Oyibo Ugbo

    Totally agree with you, For we Africans, there are lot more we do with herbs over here. Nice and informative post

  • Ray Ruzzo

    I’m going to have to keep a list of these particularly the antiinflammatory ones.