Want longer and thicker eyelashes? 5 Useful steps for stunning eyelashes.

Want longer and thicker eyelashes? 5 Useful steps for stunning eyelashes.

Want longer and thicker eyelashes? 5 Useful steps for stunning eyelashes.

 While fake lashes can be very pretty and can add to a glamorous face. These lashes can sometimes cause eye irritations or even pull out your own natural eyelashes. I am here to tell you that your own lashes can be just as long and thick as the ones others buy. You will also be avoiding all of the toxic glues and saving tons of money.

 Here are some great steps to grow your eyelashes naturally:

 Step 1: Remove all traces of makeup from your eyelashes

Make sure to remove your makeup every night. Removing your makeup allows your lashes to breathe, giving them the chance to grow longer and thicker. Try using a natural makeup removal to avoid the toxic chemicals and to receive the best results. Here are some natural makeup removers below.
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Step 2: Brush your eyelashes and massage your eyelids

Brushing your eyelashes will assist in getting rid of dust particles that can sometimes block the blood supply from the eyelids to the eyelashes. It also distributes the natural oils across your lashes giving them moisturize. Try getting one of the brushes below and brush your eyelashes daily for longer and thicker lashes.
Massaging your eyelashes is an easy tip that you can also do daily, but never be too rough. Doing this tip will stimulate the hair follicles, promoting them to grow.   

Step 3: Apply a natural oil to your eyelashes

There are many great oils that moisturize, strengthen and stimulate eyelash growth. Just simply grab a cotton ball, dip it in one of the oils below and apply onto your eyelashes. Do this once or twice a day for beautiful eyelashes.

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Step 4: Avoid use of harmful products and tools on your eyelashes

Items such as fake eyelashes and eyelashes curlers can give you a quick fix, but they can damage your lashes in the long run, causing them to break and prevent them from growing.

Step 5: Eat your way to long eyelashes

Every part of your body needs the right nutrient, even your eyelashes. Believe it or not these wonderful and tasty foods such as eggs, beans, and fish can help you have long and thick lashes.
With these steps you will have long and beautiful lashes like the ones you can find in the stores in no time.
*I am not a doctor I just love sharing what works for me. Always test out any product on a small patch of skin to avoid allergic reactions.