12 Astonishing Do’s and Don’ts to Hydrating Dry Skin that Will Make you Explode

12 Astonishing Do’s and Don’ts to Hydrating Dry Skin that Will Make you Explode


12 astonishing do’s and don’ts to hydrating dry skin naturally that will make you explode
The do’s for treating dry skin:
Treat your dry skin from the inside out
What you eat and drink will show on the outside of your skin. Water hydrates the skin. Always drink tons of water, and eat lots of foods that help your skin produce natural oils. Foods such as, fish, nuts, avocados, sweet potato’s, and etc.
2.Slather yourself in amazing oils
There are tons of natural oils that help give your skin moisture, sometimes even better than some creams in my honest opinion. Some great oils would be olive oil, jojoba oil, and avocado oil.
3.Moisturize straight out of the shower
Moisturizing straight out of the shower allows the products to get into the skin a lot easier because, after a warm shower the pores on the skin are open. Which allows the product to work its best and for the skin to lock in the moisture.
4.Do moisturize twice a day.
When taking care of your skin, its best to moisturize as much as possible. Definitely at night before bed, because natural heavy creams works its best overnight.
Always use a SPF moisturizer 30 minutes before applying make up or going outside.
5.Do change razor blades often.
Using a dull blade can cause the skin to be extremely dry. Its best to switch your blade after at least seven uses.
6.Do get a humidifier
During the winter and depending on where you live, your skin can get a lot drier than normal. Having an indoor humidifier fills the air with moisture, allowing it to enter the skin. This will allow your skin to stay hydrated in dry climates.
The Don’ts of treating dry skin:
1.Don’t Take long and hot showers
Extremely hot water allows the natural moisture to escape the skin a lot easier. Instead try taking luke warm showers to avoid losing moisture. In my experience, I have taken cold showers and have noticed that my skin was a lot less dry. I don’t recommend taken cold showers but do give luke warm showers a try. Taking long showers can also allow to moisture to leave the skin. Limit your showers to no more than 10 minutes.
2.Don’t use products with lots of alcohol and fragrances.
Look for products with the most natural ingredients and avoid products with lots of alcohol and fragrances. These products can irritate the skin and also strip the skin of its natural oils. If your skin itches and feels a little to tight, try switching to a product more suitable for your skin.
3.Don’t use harsh cleansers
Using harsh cleansers strips the skin of its natural oils. Doing this makes a lot more work for you in the long run.
4.Don’t sit close to fires or heaters.
Heat draws moisture from the skin allowing it to get dry. Its best to not sit so close to heating sources.
5.Don’t over exfoliate.
For people who have dry, flaky, or scaly skin over doing anything can damage the skin even more. Using a harsh scrub or using it to often can irritated the skin causing it to break down even more. Try a more gentle scrub.
6.Don’t use the same products over and over.
Over time your skin can get use to a certain product and can become useless. Also different seasons require different products. Try switching up your products every now and then for best results in your skin.

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*I am not a doctor I just love sharing what works for me.

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